About Us

       OurBabyWishlist is family owned and operated. We started this journey in 2018 when we had our first baby. We quickly realized how overwhelming and scary it can be preparing for your little miracle to arrive. We wanted to have everything that our Little One would need and be as ready as humanly possible.

       What we quickly learned was figuring out all of the various items we needed, finding which of those products were the best and safest, then finding and buying all of these items was no easy task. It literally took us months. Even then there were still plenty of items that we didn't think about or even know that we needed and ended up having to purchase them as we went along.

       We also were very surprised to learn with our first baby how truly expensive both maternity and baby care products were. We felt as though the industry was taking advantage of people. They knew that they were selling things that people truly needed, so they could charge an arm and a leg and most people wouldn't have any other choice.

       Just like everyone else in the world, we did the very best we could to prepare. Then that magical day came. Our Little One arrived. He brought us the most joy we could ever receive and still does to this day. Even though it can be tough and frustrating it is also extremely fulfilling. It makes your heart melt every time you hear them laugh or see them smile. It's even more rewarding once they start to play with you and you get to see them learn and experience all of those precious little firsts.

       Having gone through all of that as a family, we decided that we wanted to help other families by making this extremely difficult and nerve-wracking time a little bit easier. We built this store and made it our mission to bring as many of your Little One's essentials together in one place. Our hope is to save you from the pains of all the searching, finding, and price comparing, then having to shop all over the place at several different stores. We do comparison shopping for the prices of baby items at different stores for you.

       We try our absolute best to get quality products and deliver them at an affordable price, not take advantage of people in a situation that gives them no alternative.  We want you to be able to get everything that your Newborn needs and it not break the bank, nor stress your family out. Also, we make sure that everything we deliver is shipped from the United States, therefore cutting most delivery times in half. No more waiting 4-6 weeks for your items and then sometimes finding out it was not the item that you ordered. Our goal is to cut out all of the headaches that go along with preparing for Your Bundle of Joy to arrive. We want to make things as easy and affordable as possible and make sure that everything delivers quickly so it is there when you need it most. 

       Lastly, we are here for you. If you have ANY questions or concerns about anything, feel free to contact us. There is a "Contact Us" button on the top and bottom of the page that will send you to an e-mail form you can fill out and send to us. You can also e-mail us from your own provider directly at Support@Ourbabywishlist.com and we will get back to you promptly. We try our very best to respond within 1 business day.

           - Wishing you all the VERY BEST,

             The Family at OurBabyWishlist