Khaki Cotton Crib Liners
Khaki Cotton Crib Liners
Khaki Cotton Crib Liners
Khaki Cotton Crib Liners

Khaki Cotton Crib Liners

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Cover the full length of your crib rails with these Super-Soft Cotton vertical crib liners in Khaki from Go Mama Go Designs, thus protecting your baby’s head, face, and body at all stages of growth -- uniquely fulfilling the true purpose of other crib bumper alternatives. Keep your Little One's limbs gently inside the crib by reducing the gap slightly among crib rails. Maintain an optimum level of airflow nearly equal to that of a bare crib by mimicking the crib’s natural design. Quick CO2 dispersal rate in the crib proves the high level of ventilation. These beautiful and soft crib liners remove every fatal mechanism caused by traditional/mesh bumpers: suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation. Recognized in the Journal of Pediatrics (11/15) “… seem to mitigate some of the problems found with traditional crib bumpers. Vertical bumpers tightly wrap each slat individually, allowing for airflow, and also reduce the likelihood of slat entrapment and climb outs.” This attribute is life-changing. Horizontal bumpers (mesh or padded) cannot offer this guarantee.

No dangerous ties. These beautiful and soft crib liners from Go Mama Go Designs just zip on!
Zip together to cover wider rails or corners
Stretch to fit up to rails (round or flat) 3" wide or 6" in circumference
24" high, yet compress to accommodate shorter crib rails
Rest liners above mattress for taller rails

Count your crib rails to confirm how many liners you need. 38 packs are designed for cribs with rails all the way around. 24 packs are designed for cribs one backboard or two sideboards. 2 packs are available in case you need more liners or to mix and match with other color options.

Easy to wash! Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low. Do not iron. Lead-free zipper. The Interior is lined with hypo-allergenic material encasing the perfect amount of foam padding to ensure breathability and protection.

 "Vertical crib liners are the only safe solution for creating a protective and comforting environment for your baby." Dr. Melinda Holliday, Pediatrician

Ships exclusively within the Continental United States.